Streamline your financial management with Onefin

Onefin is a comprehensive SaaS-solution designed specifically for corporate real estate groups. Use Onefin to streamline and optimise your financial operations, empowering your team to make informed decisions with confidence.


Tailored solutions for efficiency in financial operations


Gain a clear understanding of your corporate structure and simplify KYC-reporting. Our organizational chart provides an intuitive visual representation of the ownership structure in the group.

Governance solutions

Liquidity Management

Monitor your bank accounts in real-time regardless of company & bank – stay on top of your cash position. Transfer funds in-house directly from our platform for efficient capital allocation.

Liquidity Management solutions

Treasury Management

Simplify debt reporting and planning using our debt ledger. Model your financial positions to keep track of payments, maturities and key metrics to report for key stakeholders.

Treasury Management solutions
The Platform

An operating system for your financial department


Oversee balances in real-time. Transfer funds internally between banks and companies.


Manage your most important financial metrics such as market value, LTV & ICR.


Create custom reports for different stakeholders – banks, shareholders, management or the board.


Keep an updated ledger from public records of all the companies you are managing.

Treasury Management

Keep track of internal and external debt for reporting and scenario planning.

Experience the seamless integration of financial data from different sources into one comprehensive solution. Simplify your financial operations and start reporting with ease.

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Leading real estate groups of any size

The Platform

Unifying financial data from different sources seamlessly

Data refinement process

With Onefin, we empower you to connect seamlessly to various sources for financial data such as bank accounts, tax accounts, invoicing-systems & market data. Connectivity is at the core of our value proposition & our platform facilitates the secure and efficient exchange of financial data, enabling you to consolidate information from multiple sources into a unified view. Say goodbye to manual data entry, duplicate efforts, and data in silos.


Advanced technology ensures uncompromised data security

Data protection

Security measures

We implement industry standard security measures & continuous rolling back-ups as well as external security audits.

Privacy-first approach


If you manage multiple groups or company portfolios, you can safely separate them into different silos to safeguard all sensitive data.

Secure infrastructure

Access control

Within each client you have fully configurable access control rights to which data is readable and editable by each user.

Fully auditable

Remain compliant

Detailed record of user actions, data modifications, access attempts and more – ensuring both transparency and accountability.

Onefin's vision is to revolutionize financial management, empowering businesses with intuitive tools and insights for confident decision-making and sustainable growth.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Onefin?

Onefin is a SaaS platform that offers comprehensive financial management solutions for corporate groups, helping them gain better visibility and control over their financial operations. Onefin primarily works with real estate companies.

How secure is Onefin?

We are using best practices & industry standards. All development & dev-ops has been in-house to ensure full control of data & processes.

What are the key features of Onefin?

Onefin provides various features, including company ledger with KYC data, real-time synced bank & tax accounts, debt and collateral ledger, property ledger, ESG-data, and a comprehensive financial reporting suite.

Who can benefit from using Onefin?

Onefin is specifically designed for the financial departments of corporate real estate groups. It is ideal for CFOs, Head of Sustainability, financial controllers, group treasurers, and head of accounting.