Real Estate Portfolio

Oversee your Real Estate portfolio in Onefin. With integrations to public registers you can easily access all public information about your property. Track historic property performance and automatically assess financial key metrics such as ICR & LTV to make covenant reporting easier.


Track the financial performance of your real estate portfolio

Market valuations

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the market value of your real estate assets. Our platform provides a ledger of historic market valuations and a data room for valuation documents your properties.

Property metrics

Keep track of property yields, LTV & ICR for the portfolio. By uploading your rental agreements and financing terms you can track historic property performance and do scenario planning for market fluctuations.

Trust deeds

Keep an updated ledger of issued Trust Deeds and to which beneficiary they are pledged. Simplify financial reporting by connecting collaterized debt and pledged trust deeds. Optimize lending by not overissuing.

Taxation values

Get historic and current taxation values for your property by syncing with public records from tax authorities & land registry. Pivot and analyse your portfolio for different metrics such as leasable area and property type.

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