Tax Accounts

Oversee all your tax accounts in real-time. Stay on top of upcoming taxes and create easy accounting exports for all taxes paid on a group level. Create recurring direct-debit payments for taxes directly from your bank account.

Tax Management

Smarter tax management with all tax accounts in one sign-on

Tax Export

Export all tax payments in your group based on your own filters. Use for accounting by setting pre-defined accounting templates on your tax account transactions to decrease administrative burden and reduce errors from manual input.

Account Balances

Oversee all your tax accounts and balances in real-time. See upcoming taxes and estimated balances per tax account to ensure you do not miss any tax payment. Shared login to all accounts for both accountants, treasurers and controllers.

Cash forecasting

By integrating your tax accounts and complementary data such as bank account balances, your financing costs and vendor invoices, you can gain a hollistic overview of your cash position months ahead in time.

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