Cash Flow Forecasting

Get accurate cash flow forecasts on daily operational cash flows on group level by syncing financing costs, taxes and transactions from banking data.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Save time and money with a single overview of all upcoming payments


Get an AI-assisted budget for upcoming revenue based on historical transaction data or create your own – update when needed to compare actuals with forecasted income. Use case for new share issues or internal transfers when cash crunched.

Vendor payments

All booked transactions on your bank account is available, regardless of the ERP-platform you use. Keep track of upcoming vendor payments and at what dates. If any company in the group risks a negative balance you will be notified.

Loan repayments

By syncing your loan data in Onefin you get an overview of all upcoming loan payments. Loan repayments for floating loans are based on forecasted market rates available in the cash forecasting budget.

Cash forecasting

By integrating your tax accounts and complementary data such as bank account balances, your financing costs and vendor invoices, you can gain a hollistic overview of your cash position months ahead in time.

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