Stay on top of group reporting by collecting public data of your portfolio of companies & real estate in one platform. Keep a single source of truth for company, property & energy performance data.


Governance solution

Effortlessly access your public data records from source.


Gain a comprehensive overview of your organization. Our user-friendly interface presents an intuitive organizational chart that visually maps out the relationships between subsidiaries and associated entities within your group. Seamless collaboration and transparency across various stakeholders.


Onefin empowers its customers to make informed investment decisions. Gain a holistic view of your real estate portfolio, combining market valuations, property data, and debt data.  Remain compliant whether you are reporting covenants to stakeholders or accounting notes in your financial statement.


Make sustainable investment decisions through our ESG Module. By leveraging our platform, you can access comprehensive Energy Performance data for your property, evaluate the eligibility for green financing, and effectively communicate your sustainability initiatives to stakeholders.

Corporate Structure

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your organisational structure with an intuitive visual overview. Stay informed about your portfolio, effortlessly manage KYC data, and ensure accurate reporting.

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Real Estate Portfolio

Oversee your Real Estate portfolio in Onefin. With integrations to public registers you can easily access all public information about your property. Track historic property performance and automatically assess financial key metrics such as ICR & LTV to make covenant reporting easier.

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ESG for Real Estate

Report on ESG data for your real estate portfolio. Our module offers ESG metrics such as Energy Performance Reports and Certifications, allowing you to assess the environmental impact of your properties, and meet green financing criteria.

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Frequently asked questions

How can the Governance module help in compliance and reporting?

With the Governance module, you can maintain up-to-date KYC data on all the companies in your group, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and enhancing transparency.

What are the key features of Onefin?

Onefin provides various features, including company ledger with KYC data, real-time synced bank & tax accounts, debt and collateral ledger, property ledger, ESG-data, and a comprehensive financial reporting suite.

Who can benefit from using Onefin?

Onefin is specifically designed for the financial departments of corporate real estate groups. It is ideal for CFOs, Head of Sustainability, financial controllers, group treasurers, and head of accounting.