Streamline Financial Operations with Onefin's Comprehensive Treasury Solution. Get an overview of market positions and key metrics for your debt position.

Treasury Management

Treasury Management

Simplify Financial Decision-Making with Onefin's Treasury Solution

Debt Management

Effectively manage your organization's debt portfolio with Onefin's Treasury Module. Track bonds, loans, swaps, derivatives, and intercompany debt. Keep track of repayment schedules and maintain a clear overview of your debt portfolio and terms.

Scenario analysis

Gain valuable insights with Onefin's advanced scenario analysis and simulation capabilities. Explore various financial scenarios, model different cash flow projections, and assess the potential impact of market rates. Make data-driven decisions and adjust strategy accordingly.

Financial reporting

Streamline financial reporting process with Onefin. Generate accurate and insightful financial reports, automate data aggregation, and leverage customizable reports. Empower your stakeholders with trusted and reliable financial information on your debt conditions.


Efficiently manage your collateralized assets with Onefin's custom-built ledger. Monitor the valuation of securities and ensuring compliance with collateral requirements. Optimize collateral utilization through effective asset management.

Market rates

Onefin's market rate tracking capabilities includes real-time market data for interest rates & exchange rates, and relevant financial benchmarks. Make well-informed decisions and optimize your financial strategies based on up-to-date market information.

Collateral Administration

Manage all your collateral obligations and get instant reporting for pledged shares, guarantees and deed of trusts for financial report statements or bank covenant reporting.

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Financial Reporting

Report on all necessary key metrics for your debt portfolio. Make sure you operate within your financing framework by keeping track of rate-& capital maturity, debt, LTV, rate costs – and more.

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Debt portfolio

Efficiently manage your debt portfolio with Onefin. Gain real-time visibility of your loans, swaps, derivatives, bonds, and other financial obligations. Identify and mitigate risks by having full control of maturities, counterpart exposure & interest rate exposure

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Frequently asked questions

Can I perform scenario analysis and simulation with the Treasury module?

Yes, the Treasury module enables you to conduct scenario analysis and simulation, empowering you to assess the impact of different financial scenarios on your debt portfolio.

What features does the Treasury module offer?

The Treasury module in Onefin provides comprehensive debt management capabilities, allowing you to effectively manage loans, swaps, derivatives, bonds, and other financial contracts.

Can Onefin generate custom reports?

Absolutely! Onefin offers robust reporting capabilities, allowing you to generate customized reports tailored to your specific requirements. Gain insights into cash flows, debt management, property key figures, and more.

What are the key features of Onefin?

Onefin provides various features, including company ledger with KYC data, real-time synced bank & tax accounts, debt and collateral ledger, property ledger, ESG-data, and a comprehensive financial reporting suite.

Who can benefit from using Onefin?

Onefin is specifically designed for the financial departments of corporate real estate groups. It is ideal for CFOs, Head of Sustainability, financial controllers, group treasurers, and head of accounting.

How can the Treasury module help with financial reporting?

The Treasury module offers robust reporting functionalities, enabling you to generate detailed financial reports related to debt, collateral, market rates, and other treasury-related data.