Get an unprecedented overview of your cash position by syncing all your bank accounts and tax accounts in real time. Support for over +1500 European banks.

Cash Management

Cash Management

Get an unprecedented overview of your cash position


Onefin keeps you connected to your financial data in real-time, providing instant access to account balances, transactions, and cash flow information. Stay informed and in control, ensuring accurate decision-making and efficient cash management.


With Onefins Cash Management, gain valuable insights into your future cash position. Anticipate funding needs, plan for investments, and optimize liquidity. Get an unprecedented forecast by combining bank data, ERP-data, financing costs and taxes in one platform.

Daily operations

Streamline your cash management operations with Onefins. Automate routine tasks, such as reconciliations and cash positioning, to free up time for more strategic activities. Enhance efficiency, reduce manual errors, and improve overall operational effectiveness.


Onefins Cash Management simplifies your cash management processes by providing a centralized platform for all your cash-related activities. From bank account management to in-group payment processing, streamline your workflows and eliminate the need for tedious spreadsheets.


Experience the ease and simplicity of Onefins. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive tools make it effortless for treasury professionals, controllers, accountants, and CFOs to navigate and perform their desired tasks. Simplify your financial operations and focus on driving business growth.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Get accurate cash flow forecasts on daily operational cash flows on group level by syncing financing costs, taxes and transactions from banking data.

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Tax Accounts

Oversee all your tax accounts in real-time. Stay on top of upcoming taxes and create easy accounting exports for all taxes paid on a group level. Create recurring direct-debit payments for taxes directly from your bank account.

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Bank accounts

Oversee all account balances in real-time from over 1500 European Banks. If you notice a in-group cash crunch you can transfer funds immediately from our platform.

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Frequently asked questions

How does initiating payments work?

With the Banking module, you can easily initiate internal transfers within your group structure or to your tax accounts. The permissions are the same as if you were to book the payment in your online bank.

What functionalities does the Banking module offer?

The Banking module provides real-time synchronization of bank accounts, transactions, and cash-flow forecasts, enabling efficient management of your banking activities within the real estate group.

Can Onefin generate custom reports?

Absolutely! Onefin offers robust reporting capabilities, allowing you to generate customized reports tailored to your specific requirements. Gain insights into cash flows, debt management, property key figures, and more.

What are the key features of Onefin?

Onefin provides various features, including company ledger with KYC data, real-time synced bank & tax accounts, debt and collateral ledger, property ledger, ESG-data, and a comprehensive financial reporting suite.

Who can benefit from using Onefin?

Onefin is specifically designed for the financial departments of corporate real estate groups. It is ideal for CFOs, Head of Sustainability, financial controllers, group treasurers, and head of accounting.